by Watchers

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released May 10, 2014

Tracking - Watchers
Mix/Master- Luke Garrigus
Mix/Master- Sam Bottner (The American Dream)
Guest Vocals- Daniel Dyches (Far From Nothing)



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Watchers Lubbock, Texas


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Track Name: Hybrid
I am a hybrid
A perfect balance between sinner and saint
I have lived blinded
Anger, filth, and hate are the poisons in my veins

Ive spent a lifetime ruining everything
25 years of pain and suffering
I took away your existence
I took away your soul

I once smiled as the blood flowed from an innocent man
Now its nothing but tear-shed for the blood on my hands

How could i do this to myself?

Cast from molds to this Babylon
You and I will rise to Zion
I've made mistakes but they taught me
to hate this world and all that surrounds me
To believe is to question
To know is truth
Part seas of downpression
To create an irie youth

This has gone on for far too long
Give up on where you think you belong
This has gone on
for far too long
Track Name: The Mechanical Generation
What is the path to salvation
Does any man truly know
Open your eyes, you're your own fucking savior

We live in the land of the forgotten
Trying eyes can't see our pain
Spending days wasting what we're given
Not caring if its taken away
Not one path is set in stone, not one path

Innocent children lost their innocence to your sickened ways
You used your fame for gain and now, you sorry fuck, you must pay
Scream loud like the victims you laughed at
Bleed now but slowly so you suffer
How dare you make excuses?
How dare you blame this on the drugs?
This pain you caused must be repaid.
Their pain is caused because of your sadistic ways

We are the mechanical generation, programmed to die
We are the mechanical generation, programmed to believe the lies. Oh.

We are the mechanical generation

If there's one thing I've learned in this fucked up world we call home
It's not to give up on myself and those like me so fucking easily

Raise up, we are the ones that hate this world
Raise up, the only ones that can change this world
Track Name: The American Dream
Breathe. Release. Cleanse this world of the human disease
Breathe. Release. Spill the blood, watch it run in the streets..

So much confusion in this world, it seems,
That every dream is crushed, we have become no more than machines Mothers, fathers, daughters, brothers are dying
And all we do is hang our heads and pray while children are crying. FUCK!
Faith is wasted, in the hands of liars and cheats
Sadistic scum, yet we treat them just like kings
Senseless violence, fed to us on a silver spoon
Built to bare this, burden of our impending doom. (Blegh)

I implore you all, take a hard look around you.
This is not the land our forefathers envisioned.
We have squandered and capitalized our once great name into nothing more than a running inside joke to the world..
And for that price..
We will all pay.

Gone are the days of The American Dream.
Born are the ways of The American Greed.
Gone are the days of The American Dream.
Born are the ways....

How many more must suffer?
How many more must die?
How many more must we torture?
How many more before you open your eyes?